#4 Podcast – Katheryn Bwye Creative Director & Founder @ MILK+MINT Agency (English)

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Our guest for today’s interview, Thursday, October 29, 2020, on the Permatree Podcast #4, is Katheryn Bwye, Creative Director & Founder of MILK+MINT Agency, headquartered in Los Angeles California.
Topic: Impact of Communication on Social

Video: Podcast #4 – Katheryn Bwye

Audio: Podcast #4 – Katheryn Bwye

Katheryn has been working professionally in the creative industry for over a decade with a spotless track record of happy clients. Her creative talent, tenacity in problem-solving, and deep empathetic nature, have all come together to form the foundation of MILK+MINT’s values.
Website: www.milkandmintagency.com

Life is short and we want ours to be purposeful beyond the years we exist. With limited time, we choose to exclusively offer our services to brands, businesses, and organizations who seek to add a positive value to the world.


We want to work with leaders and visionaries to take massive action towards sustainability, humanity, education, health and wellbeing for all, by working as creative partners with those who are seriously invested in making the world a better place.

We operate with the triple bottom line philosophy:

People + Planet + Profit

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