Podcast #1 – From white-collar worker to Permaculture to a social-enterprise

90 seconds mini triple-impact podcast #1 Podcast Jago Jan Veith

Hello this is Jago from the edge of amazon basin in South America, I am sitting in my hammock tis super late its about 7:30 and over my tin roof I have no walls is super super dark outside and I can see a few fireflies, it’s quite fresh actually and I can clearly hear all of the night active insects around me, maybe you can too?

How did I get here?

From working and living as a white-collar worker behind a office-desk with two huge flat screens, in Switzerland 

to becoming a Off-the grid, Permaculture Tropical Fruit Farmer in the amazon region of Ecuador 

to then co-creating a social-enterprise from scratch with triple impact : social, economic and environmental by exporting transformed added value superfoods – plant based:  fruits, vegetables and seeds, harvested from 400 local small scale farming families. 

Now here reaching out for like minded individuals or organizations seeking to do good which can be measured on a long term.

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